About Us

Corporate Governance

brad_AlterDanville Care Center, Ltd. is a family owned company governed by Bradley Alter who is the Chief Executive Officer and Vice President. Mr. Alter and other close family members boast a combined 65 years of health facility and program management experience. Mr. Alter visits on site frequently and enjoys the personal connection with staff, residents, and families.

To ensure our facility provides the highest level of service and quality of care, Mr. Alter employs specialist consultants who visit frequently and advise on all services and business matters. Financial records and reporting functions are managed by Certified Health Management, Inc. Additionally Bradley Alter employs Clinical and Management consultants who assist with care and management processes in the facility and bring many years of broad and deep experience to assist with the provision of the best quality of care and customer service. We are proud of providing care that is a blend of high level professional care with a family-style touch.

We are proud of our product and value each and every customer who seeks our healthcare services. We maintain an open line of communication to allow an interactive relationship with each family customer. We look forward to serving your healthcare needs with trust, empathy, and sometimes even good humor!